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Full Blender 2.8 Tutorial Course by CG Boost

Free Blender 2.8 video courses

Full Blender 2.8 Tutorial Course by CG Boost

Blender 2.8 – A Complete Course for Beginners.

Blender 2.8 Tutorial

Even if you have never used Blender before, this free 3D course by Zacharias Reinhardt of CG Boost is for you. In this video tutorial course, Zach will show you everything you need to get up and running fast with the latest version.

This easy-to-follow course will take you through all the steps you will need to make your first 3D model, from basic modeling to the final texturing and output to a rendered file that you can print or share with your friends.

What you will learn in this Tutorial:

  1. A short introduction to the course
  2. Interface & Navigation
  3. Organic Modeling
  4. Hard Surface Modeling
  5. Cloth Simulation
  6. UV Unwrapping
  7. Texture Painting
  8. Materials
  9. Procedural Materials
  10. Transparent Textures
  11. Particles
  12. Rigid Body Simulation

Zach has kindly provided all the resource material for the course, which you can download from here. (email required)

If you don’t already have the latest version installed, you can get it here:

Download The Latest Version of Blender Here


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